Confirmation: Sessions

Ablaze Confirmation preparation program is a Catholic curriculum that provides the flexibility and quality that today's teen needs to prepare for their adult journey of faith.  This progressive process requires the high school teen to fully engage in the liturgy, ministry and catechesis of parish life and experience what is like to be an “Anointed for a purpose.”
This journey of discernment and decision requires one of the teen’s parents to participate with them along the way. Parents are the 1st teachers of their children’s faith and will continue to have a profound influence on them into adulthood. By being a part of the teen’s discernment process, they develop an intimate and adult faith relationship with their teen that will prepare them for the future. A parent/guardian will be expected to attend all of the 12 sessions with their teen and encourage the teen to complete their assigned home reading and journaling.
Ablaze's 12-lesson semester based catechesis is targeted towards 9th – 12th grade teens. We use the Decision Point Confirmation Program to provide teens with a comprehensive framework for spiritual inquiry. This program seeks to win over the hearts of teens at this critical time in their lives and to offer them a life-changing experience that will keep them firmly planted in the faith community of the Church. The teen also participates in a parish sponsored service project, liturgical ministry service, a confirmation discernment retreat, confirmation rehearsal, sponsor orientation and finally the confirmation mass.
Ablaze meets teens where they are and speaks to them in a way that challenges many of the basic assumptions they may have about life and the faith.  We understand that for many of our teens, confirmation is something they just “have to do,” and is almost seen as “Catholic Graduation.” At Ablaze, we are totally turning that idea on its head and showing teens that they were created for something far greater than the world has told them. Confirmation highlights the teens uniqueness in both purpose (who they are) and how they effect that uniqueness in the world as a witness (what they do).
Ablaze also builds a firm and lasting spiritual relationship between the teen and their parents. As an adult, these teens will still seek guidance and example from their parents and the Ablaze program provides a framework of structured catechesis and discipleship that creates and nurtures that relationship. This is the greatest gift that this program can bestow upon the parents and teens who chose to participate in the Ablaze program.  Program registration cost is $30. For a specific schedule of events and classes, please refer to the calendar on the sidebar to the right.