Confirmation Plan

Confirmation Pictures:

Confirmation photos are going to be available.  There will be a photographer to take photos of the moment of Confirmation.  You will be able to order photos from Gene Aguilar at promotional photography. An image file of the envelope that you will recieve to place orders is online on this website. CLICK HERE. This way if you will want pictures you will be able to prepare a check in advance if you want to leave the envelope here after the Mass to place the order.  Otherwise, you can send the order to Gene directly to get pictures.

Hello everyone!  I hope this message finds you well.  I miss all of you.  This page is long, but please read the entire thing! 

For everyone’s safety, we have a very specific plan of action to ensure that you are able to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, while following social distancing guidelines and keeping everyone safe.  This Confirmation Mass will be different than other years, and Fr. Len, Fr. John, and I ask for your patience, cooperation and understanding as we navigate these challenges and make sure that the sacrament is received safely.  Some details are still being finalized, and will be added as they are approved.  I will send a text to update you if and when changes are made to this webpage.  In addition, all information and dates below are subject to change if needed.


1. Confirmation Masses will be held on Holy Trinity weekend, June 6th and 7th


Holy Apostles Confirmation masses will be held Saturday, June 6th at 5pm, and Sunday, June 7th at 11am.  The only people who will be in attendance at these Masses will be clergy, musicians, Rusty, ushers, and each candidate with one parent.  This will be explained in point 2 below.

We will be dividing up the Confirmation class into two groups, as evenly as we can.  This will enable us to use social distancing, safety practices, and cleaning protocols.  The current plan is to simply divide the class alphabetically by last name.  This may change in the coming days.  In any case, you will know ahead of time which of the two Masses to attend.


2. Who can attend the Mass (candidate and parent(s) only – maximum of 3 people)


Each candidate (1) will be able to bring one or both parents (2) to the Mass to act as their supports and sponsor proxy.  Each candidate will still have an official sponsor who is recorded on church documents.  This is the person who is listed on all paperwork you turn in (or have turned in already). 

This means that the candidate and parents will be the only people physically present at the Mass.  All other family and community supports are asked and encouraged to view the livestream and participate from home. This means that your long-distance family members who may be facing travel restrictions will still be able to participate and see your Confirmation!


3. Assigned seating for each Candidate and parents


Each Candidate and parent will have an assigned seat, and will be guided to that seat by ushers.  Social distancing protocols will be in effect at all times, and there will not be any gathering before or after the Mass.  When you arrive at Holy Apostles, please keep your distance from others when approaching the building.

When arriving in the courtyard, ushers will be present to escort each candidate and parents into the building.  To ensure distancing at all times, you may need to wait a few minutes to be escorted in.  The ushers will guide you to your seat and once seated, you are asked only to leave your assigned seat in an emergency, or when it is time to do so during the Mass to participate in the sacraments.

Restroom protocols are still being developed by our staff, but there will be a procedure if it necessary to use the restroom.  For now, please plan to try your best to refrain from using the restrooms.  If it is necessary, everyone in the pew may need to move so that social distancing remains in effect (you will not be able to shift past others in the pew).


4. Procedures for reception of Confirmation, Communion and other parts of the Mass


This section of the page may be the most frequently updated.  For now, below are general procedures for Mass:

    • Masks are required for all in attendance, to be removed only for the moment of reception of the Body of Christ
    • 6 feet of distance must be maintained between individuals
      • Candidate and parent may sit together, 6 feet of distance must be kept between all others
    • No books or hymnals will be in the pews
      • For Confirmation, programs will be waiting for you in your assigned pews, song sheets and other details for the Mass will be in them
      • You MUST take your program with you when you leave church
    • No baskets will be passed for collections
      • There will be baskets in the foyer for contributions
    • No physical sign of peace that would get you closer than 6 feet (waves, smiles, peace signs are ok!)
    • No holding hands during the Our Father
    • No precious blood distributed at Mass
    • Reception of communion will be in the hand only
    • During Confirmation, oil will be poured on the Candidate’s head and the blessing will be given without Father placing his hands directly onto the candidate’s head (this is a valid way to receive the sacrament, and is more appropriate to distancing)


  • More information – and links to rehearsal videos - will be added shortly about how processions will go for reception of Confirmation and Communion


5. View the video below on Youtube


Please view this video from Bishop Robert Barron on youtube.  It is a very good refresher/reminder of what Confirmation is about and some of the things that will happen at the Mass! We typically watch this video at the rehearsal, so it will help us to be on the same page if we all watch it now! Click here for the video!


If you have any questions please email me at or call/text me at 208-859-4347.  I am excited to experience this with you!