Liturgical Ministers Request

Hello everyone!

Congratulations on making your Confirmation this month! Well done!

Holy Apostles has a request for you with regard to sharing your gifts. Beginning this Saturday and Sunday, June 20th and 21st, Holy Apostles will be reopening for Limited Seating Masses, and Masses in the parking lot. 

Many of our current liturgical ministers are not able to serve because they are elderly or in a high risk demographic for COVID-19. We are asking you young people (yes that includes parents too! You're still young!) to volunteer to be a whole new group of liturgical ministers.  Young people are often called the future of the church, but Confirmation reminds us and reaffirms the truth that you are the church NOW. 

Holy Apostles and I would like to ask all of you, parents and newly confirmed, to share your gifts by serving our parish as a liturgical minister. All of you who are confirmed are eligible now to serve in any role (there are currently 3) as either an EM, a lector, or an usher.  Holy Apostles will have 5 Masses each weekend and will need the following numbers of ministers at each Mass:


Saturday, 5PM (Limited Seating Mass) - 2 Lectors, 3 EMs (all indoors), 6 Ushers
Sunday, 7AM (Parking Lot Mass) - 2 Lectors, 8 EMs (all outdoors)
Sunday, 9AM (Parking Lot Mass) - 2 Lectors, 8 EMs (all outdoors)
Sunday, 11AM (Limited Seating Mass with Parking Lot Communion) - 2 Lectors, 11 EMs (3 indoors, 8 outdoors), 6 Ushers
Sunday, 6PM (Limited Seating Mass) - 2 Lectors, 3 EMs (all indoors), 6 Ushers


If you are able to serve in any capacity (or even in more than one ministry, you won't be scheduled at the same time for both or anything) please get in touch with me at as soon as possible so that I can make sure you are entered into our scheduling system and that you are connected with the heads of the ministries for any training you may need. 

If you are able to serve, I will need the following information from you to create a profile in our liturgical ministry scheduling system:


1. Name:
2. Email Address:
3. Phone Number:
4. Which Ministy (or ministries) you can help with:
5. Which Mass(es) you're availabe for (see above):
6. If you're able to be an indoor EM, outdoor EM, or both. Please keep in mind that outdoor EMs need to be able to walk outside without issues.


Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. The Holy Apostles staff and I are hoping that you will be part of a whole new wave of liturgical ministers to serve our parish!